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In today’s time, there is no such person who does not use the Internet. In our country of India, now people living in villages are also using the internet as compared to earlier. The government of our country has also given the name of Digital India to India and all types of work in government offices are now being done in digital form i.e. with the help of the internet. At present we are using 4G technology and now we are slowly moving towards 5G technology. In today’s article, we are presenting all the information related to the 5G network to all of you.

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What is the meaning of ‘G’ in 5G

Till now 1G to 5G technology has come. Many people wonder, what does “G” mean after all. So friends, let us tell you that from 1G to 5G, “G” refers to the generation, that is, the generation. Whatever generation technology we are using, “G” is put in front of it and this “G” serves to represent the modern technology equipment as a new generation. Our country is slowly moving towards new technology and new technologies are being created in our country too.

What is 5G Network Technology (5G Technology)

The technology of 5G is related to the technology of telecommunications. Any technology used is done through wireless technology. Radio waves and different types of radio frequencies are used in this new technology of telecommunications. Compared to all the technologies that have come in the field of telecommunications so far, this technology is a very new and fast-acting technology. The final man of this new technology is determined by the ITU ie International Telecommunication Union. The technology of 5G is the next-generation technology as compared to the 4G technology and it is considered to be the most advanced technology out of all the technology that has come so far.

Name5 g network
launchyear 2020
launched in Indiayear 2021 (from second half)
Speed20 GB per second
internet speed1 GB file download per second
bandwidth3500 MHz

5G Network Technology Launched in India (Launched Date)

Giving an update on 5G technology, Mukesh Ambani, the world’s richest man in sixth place, has said that it will be launched in our Indian country in the second half of 2021 to serve the customers 5G network. Along with this, he also said that there is a need to provide a boost to all kinds of new changes and processes related to it in our country. Ambani said that for this technology to reach the hands of all sections, there will be a great need to make it easy, accessible and cheap. So it will be launched as soon as possible.

Benefits of 5G network technology

  • The main feature of this new technology is that with the help of this, industrial equipment and processing utility machine communication and internal security in the world of automobiles will also be more developed and better than before, as well as increase the connection between them.
  • 5G technology will be used in many important places along with providing connectivity of super high speed internet. With the advent of this technology, even more development and accuracy will be achieved in connectivity.
  • Due to the technology of 5G, new development avenues will be opened in the field of driverless car, health care, virtual reality, cloud gaming.
  • According to Qualcomm, so far the technology of 5G has provided output to the global economy of about $ 13.1 trillion. Because of this, about 22.8 million new job opportunities are being developed around the world.

5G network technology features (Features)

5G Network Speed ​​(5G Network Speed)

The speed of this new technology will be received by its users on the basis of 20GB in about a second. With the advent of this technology, there will be rapid development in all the work related to technology and all the work can be done easily at very fast speed.

Internet Speed ​​Increase

Right now we are using 4G technology and using this technology we have the ability to download a file of about 1GB in 1 second, in the same 5G technology we have to get about 10GB or more within 1 second. Downloading capacity speed will be achieved.

Development in Digital India Sector

With the arrival of 5G network, Digital India will get good momentum in the country and at the same time, the development of the country will also accelerate.

GDP Growth Speed

Recently, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has claimed that due to the introduction of 5G technology in the country, a lot of positive effects can be seen in the GDP and economy of our country.

5G network technology disadvantages:

  • According to technical researchers and experts, a research found that the waves of 5G technology are completely incapable of penetrating the walls. Due to this, its density cannot go very far and as a result of this, weakness was found in its network.
  • Apart from penetrating the walls, its technique has proved to be completely incapable of penetrating natural resources like rain, trees and plants. After launching 5G technology, we can see a lot of problems in its network.
  • Many ordinary people believe that the rays that are being used in 5G technology are proving to be very fatal and the deadly result of the same is the corona virus, but so far no evidence has been received in this regard. .

5G Network Spectrum Band (5G Network Spectrum)

Millimetre-wave spectrum plays an important role in the new technology of 5G. Its first idea was first presented by Jagdish Chandra Bose ji in the year 1995 and he told that by using these web we can improve communication. These types of waves can operate at frequencies from about 30 to 300 GHz. We also use such waves inside satellite and radar systems. The new technology of 5G networks can work on around 3400 MHz, 3500 MHz and even 3600 MHz bands. The 3500 MHz bands can be said to be an ideal band for this new network technology, as it is the middle band and at the same time it provides very good connectivity.

Corona connection of 5G network (Latest News)

Recently, where are people on many big social media platforms, that the coronavirus infection is spreading rapidly due to the testing of 5G technology and 5G technology is also the reason for the origin of coronavirus. Such news is spreading on every social media platform regarding the technology of 5G. So is death really happening due to 5G, let’s know what is this –

This news related to 5G technology is just a misconception. The World Health Organization (WHO) has clearly shared official information about these misconceptions with the people. He has said that the infection of the coronavirus cannot be transmitted from one place to another with mobile phone networks or any other radio waves. At the same time, WHO has also said that the infection of Karona virus is also there in those countries where network testing of 5G has not been done yet, nor has a mobile network of 5G been established there yet. Still, it is spreading their foot so 5g has nothing to do with corona.

When the new technology of 5G starts working fully then a different wave of development will start running all over the world. With the arrival of this technology in India, our country will develop more rapidly and people will get new employment opportunities.


Q: In which country was the first 5G technology launched?

ANS: Samsung’s new smartphone launched with 5G in South Korea.

Q: When will the technology of 5G be launched in India?

ANS: Preparations have been made to launch in our country by the second half of 2021.

Q: How does 5G work?

ANS: 5G technology will use the technology of bandwidth and it will be based on millimetre wave. Its speed will be very fast.

Q: Which phone can run 5G in India?

ANS: Mukesh Ambani will first launch 5G technology in our country, that is, it can be used in Jio’s phone.

Q: Will 5G network work in 4G phones?

ANS: Not at all.

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