YouTube Channels to Learn Coding in 2022

This is the official YouTube channel of teamtreehouse.com. Team Treehouse is a learning resource platform established with the mission of providing affordable education in technology.


freeCodeCamp’s YouTube channel is one of the best platforms to learn coding from absolute scratch.


With more than 2 million subscribers, TheNewBoston is the most-watched web development YouTube channel for learning programming languages.


The Net Ninja is a YouTube channel where you can find all sorts of coding tutorials that can help you develop basic, intermediate, and advanced programming skills.

The Net Ninja

This channel has everything you need for programming. It has a vast range of tutorials. This channel has influenced many other new YouTubers to start their channels.

Traversy Media

Thenewboston is one of the biggest YouTube channels that teach programming. With over 2.5 million subscribers


Banas is the creator of the hugely popular ‘Learn JavaScript in 30 Minutes’ playlist. As the title of that playlist suggests, Banas specializes in compact lessons for fast learning.

Derek Banas

DevTips is a YouTube channel with programming tips and tutorials for more experienced developers. You will find helpful tips for improving your coding skills and becoming a better developer.


For absolute beginners, Edureka is one of the best YouTube channels to learn web development, as it provides extensive videos in different languages covering a vast range of topics.


LevelUpTuts, which stands for Level Up Tutorials, is a YouTube channel with a self-explanatory name.



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