YouTube AI Algorithm for Kids.

With kids becoming quite proactive actors in the digital world it is no wonder that YouTube is in the process of intensifying its AI for kids.

The issue is not just expanding AI algorithm to induce kids participate The major concern also involves exploring ways and means of the kids videos safe for kids without any uncensored language in AI.

It may sound strange but it is true. The ‘marvelous’ progress of IT has also the malicious effect of kids not just accessing the adult content at ease,

But also having inappropriate adult content in videos meant for them. Any responsible organization will seek to counter this to retain its credibility.

There is no reason why YouTube will be an exception with AI algorithm for kids.

YouTube’s major concern is with explicit language, a matter which proves that AI also has some vulnerability.

It so happened that the Automatic Speech Transcription (AST) has inadvertently inserted words like ‘bitch’ in place of beach.

And the problem is, there are many more words, some even more ‘adult-oriented’ than this.

‘Rape’ is one such word, which comes out in the caption frequently replacing the word ‘brave’ as uncensored language in AI.

Despite its sophistication, the AI model has trouble recognizing the exact words uttered by kids with certain accents and wrong pronouncements.

This is especially reflected in captions and words of the videos, making the situations highly problematic by the AI algorithm for kids.

It is not just the issue of ‘any’ error or fault. It is a huge instance of toxicity with uncensored language in AI.


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