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World’s Most Automated Countries to Know

This AI country is focused on having the highest robot density in the manufacturing industry that can cover the workload of 15 full-time human employees.

South Korea

Japan is focused on being a popular AI country with automation and a worldwide exporter of industrial robots.


Singapore has successfully adopted cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence to introduce automation in all kinds of industries.


The government is fully focused on transforming China into an AI country with the production of industrial robots, personal robots, and many more with the integration of artificial intelligence.


Germany is known as one of the leading automated countries in Europe. The government has provided the freedom to acquire start-ups focused on automation to be the popular AI country.


This AI country is focused on building research foundations to develop strategies for becoming one of the top automated countries in the world.


Italy is becoming one of the top countries on automation with the need to modernize and increase productivity, especially post-pandemic.


Finland is focused on becoming the leading hyper-automation country for rising awareness regarding artificial intelligence and automation.


Sweden is one of the top automated countries with technological developments and highly-paid jobs in artificial intelligence and other automation domains.


It is the ideal place for testing and developing cutting-edge technologies such as different robots and drone technologies to become one of the most automated countries in the world.



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