Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan team up

In 2007, Warner Bros. adapted Richard Matheson’s post-apocalyptic sci-fi classic I Am Legend as a film, with Will Smith in the leading role.

While the ending of that film didn’t leave much room for a sequel, Deadline is reporting that I Am Legend 2 has come together with some pretty serious star power.

Not only is Smith slated to headline the sequel, but he will also appear alongside Michael B. Jordan as co-lead in the movie. Both Smith and Jordan will also produce the project.

In the first film, Smith portrayed Dr. Robert Neville, one of the creators of a failed attempt to cure cancer.

Instead of curing mankind of a virulent disease, the customized virus killed most of the human population.

The vast majority of the survivors mutated into vampire-like creatures known as Darkseekers.

Robert was one of the only remaining humans, and he lived a solitary existence as he tried to find a cure.

While Deadline’s report is clear about Smith reprising his role for the new film, there is an inherent issue with that.

Robert seemingly sacrificed himself at the end of the original movie to let Anna Montez (Alice Braga) and a young boy named Ethan (Charlie Tahan) escape from the Darkseekers.

However, there was an alternate ending on the DVD and Blu-ray in which Robert survived. I Am Legend 2 wouldn’t be the first sequel to ignore inconvenient parts of the original film.


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