Why Meta is Leading the Metaverse Race?

The metaverse is currently being conceptualized in different sections and parts,

But a complete metaverse is being seen as the next computing platform and the next extension of the internet. Some of the initial and partial use cases of the metaverse include,

Walking in a park with friends in a virtual city.
Joining and attending a virtual meeting in an office space using avatars.
Collaborating and working on 3D model designs.

In this tech-driven world, it is crucial to start making Metaverse plans right now if they are not already in place, but two crucial questions are yet to be answered: 

what the metaverse is going to look like and who the major players in this new reality are going to be?

The layout of the Metaverse is starting to take shape and by taking at patents in these areas, a perspective on who the early adopters are should be visible.

While the specific meaning of the Metaverse is as yet being worked out, most savants accept it will seem as though the film Ready Player One. In this vision of things to come, 

Individuals get away from the miserable real factors of everyday life by signing into vast virtual reality existence where they can interact with one another and participate in 3D adventures.

Obviously, any individual who has utilized an Oculus Quest or a PlayStation virtual reality will know definitively,

What this resembles since these two systems and several others are already bringing immersive virtual reality experiences to users.


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