Which Is The Best Crypto in 2022?


Bitgert popularity started in 2021 when the coin launched by the end of July. One of the things that stood out about Bitgert is the utilities the project was promising in the roadmap.


The Centcex team has come up with new thinking, where the project will only be producing cryptocurrency applications that run in the Centcex.


This is what has made it continue growing strong over the months. The Safemoon V2 launch has given the project a new life, and now it is among the best performing DeFi projects.


The BabyDoge mobile application and the card are two products that enable the cryptocurrency to integrate with e-commerce stores like Shopify.

Saitama Inu

The Saitama Inu team is also planning to develop NFT and gaming-related products, which will make the cryptocurrency attractive.

Floki Inu

The Floki Inu started as a meme coin with a huge influence from the Shiba Inu community. But the changing of the project model to make a more utility token is attracting investors.


Metahero still remains one of the crypto investments as the scanning technology is increasingly getting adopted by more industries.

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