What is a Crypto Reflection Token?

EverGrow Coin is becoming one of the most influential crypto coins in the world

EverGrow Coin pays $37 million in BUSD

EverGrow Coin was one of the first reflection tokens to reward users in stablecoins – as opposed to the project’s native token, like with Safemoon.

EverGrow Coin chose the BUSD stablecoin, and to date has paid over $37 million to its investors. This is significant for three main reasons:

1. BUSD reflections help investors quickly trade or swap BUSD to buy up new tokens in the Binance ecosystem.

2. BUSD is not subject to price volatility.

3. With the development team publishing their EGC wallets online and vowing to only earn from BUSD reflections like any other investor,

There is little risk of EverGrow Coin becoming a pump and dump scheme.

EverGrow Coin distributes 8% of all buy or sell orders as BUSD, and it’s little surprise that many other projects also paying BUSD reflections have sprung up in the intervening months.


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