Web 3 Cryptos to Buy in 2022

Cryptocurrency assets are becoming the ultimate investment options even after their volatility

Axie Infinity

Ethereum whales have started an accumulation spree for the AXS Token and it has reclaimed its space in the top 10 coins currently registering strong volume buys.

The Axie Infinity metaverse empire has pioneered an entire revolution of play to earn games and is one of the most popular coins available today.

Theta Network

The Theta Network has announced the launch of Rewarded TV on apple devices.

It will help users to earn attractive cryptocurrency and NFT rewards and watch ad-free shows. Users will be able to earn RPLAY, a reward token that will be redeemable.


The FRPN Token will help in building and powering a community built around the Web 3 metaverse. People, information, things, and locations can all remain connected on Web 3.

The FIREPIN Token ecosystem will consist of a metaverse empire which will include virtual reality and game development.


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