Ways to Add Accent Marks in Google Docs.

Insert a Special Character

Go to the spot in your document where you want to add the accented letter. Then select Insert > Special Characters from the menu.

Add an Accent Letter With a Keyboard Shortcut

Whether you use a Windows or Mac computer, you can type a keyboard shortcut in Google Docs for your accented letters.

Copy Letters With Accent Marks From Google Input Tools

Visit Google Input Tools which is available for free. Select a keyboard language from the drop-down list on the top left of the input box.

Use Your Computer’s Tools to Get Accent Marks

On Windows, you can use the Character Map. Click the Start button, scroll to and expand the Windows Accessories folder, and choose “Character Map” to open the app.

Try a Google Docs Add-On

One final option for typing accent marks on letters is with a free Google Docs add-on called Easy Accents.


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