Uncharted Review: Steal, Fight, Repeat.

That is the best that can be said for its nitwit treasure-hunt movie “Uncharted,” an amalgam of clichés that were already past their sell-by date.

when Nicolas Cage plundered the box office in Disney’s “National Treasure” series.

Now, it is Tom Holland’s turn to cash in with a musty story about ancient loot, old maps, lost ships, invisible ink and a wealthy scoundrel with disposable minions.

But while he’s following in Cage’s inimitable footsteps, Holland also seems in training to become Tom Cruise 2.0.

Each opens with a flashback of the protagonist as a wee lad eagerly being primed for adventure by an older male relative.

a misty rite of passage that seems calculated to put a family-friendly stamp on an otherwise greed-driven setup.

In “National Treasure,” the kid soon becomes a character played by Cage, whose singular, offbeat performance style can elevate and disrupt crummy material.

In “Uncharted,” the boy grows up to become a neo-buccaneer played by the boyish Holland, a likable, exuberantly physical performer who has traded his Spider-Man responsibilities.

The Hollywood action movie seems an open field right now partly because most of the male stars who headline non-comic-book blockbusters are middle-aged or older.

Holland is 25. He’s cute without being threatening or distractingly, Chalamet-esquely beautiful, and has enough presence and training (dance, gymnastics, parkour).

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