TSPSC Group 4 Notification 2022.

UPSCPassing the Civil Services Examination (UPSC CSE) is not a common thing. That is why many candidates fail in their first attempt.

The number of those who succeed in Civils on the first try is very small. It is possible to pass these difficult exams if you have been working hard for years.

However Bihar The youngster, on the other hand, shone with an All India rank of 74 in the first attempt. Without even taking any coaching for it.

Lal Ayush Venkat Vats, who took over the Civils shortly after graduation in 2021, has now become an inspiration to all.

AYUSH has proved that success in the first attempt at Civils is not a big challenge if there is dedication and planning. Let us know his success story.

Lal Aayush Venkat from Nawada City, Bihar in 2021DelhiHe did Mechanical Engineering in the College of Engineering.

He later joined the job but was not satisfied with it and prepared for the UPSC IAS exam. He read for sixteen hours a day to pass it.

AYUSH said that his father encouraged him to prepare for the exam. Study material was collected online for preparation. He read the material thoroughly and prepared the notes very well.

IAS Kumar Anurag also followed the lessons on YouTube. AYUSH says that learning the basics before revising, re-revising and preparing the notes has helped a lot in the exam.

Thus he succeeded in Civils with his own plan. In addition, Satta achieved a rank of less than 100 in one go.


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