Transforming Ethereum Blockchain in 2022

Introduction to Ethereum and smart contracts

Ethereum is the second-most popular cryptocurrency in the highly risky cryptocurrency market.

It is popular for offering a platform leveraging smart contracts for creating DApps or decentralized applications efficiently without any trouble on the Ethereum blockchain.

The market capitalization of this cryptocurrency is US$318.10 billion. It is the community-driven technology to power the cryptocurrency Ether with thousands of DApps.

Smart contracts are known as digital contracts stored on a blockchain to execute automatically when there is an agreement between two parties.

It helps to eliminate intermediary interaction or participation without any time loss in automating the workflow.

There is no opportunity to manipulate or modify any transaction and the specified parties can check out the result. The key features of smart contracts are persistence and verifiability.

Ethereum is the first cryptocurrency that introduced smart contracts to allow the efficient launch of multiple DApps or decentralized applications with Ethereum blockchain technology.

Smart contracts are gaining popularity on the Ethereum blockchain for being self-operating and executing specific actions after the mutual agreement.

Implementing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain helps to eliminate multiple concerns of crypto investors in the volatile cryptocurrency market and from the hands of crypto criminals.


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