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Top Upcoming Data Science Competitions.

Kaggle is a leading provider of data science competitions with different powerful tools and challenges.


These data science competitions help to enhance data skills to face the professional career path with the utmost confidence.


AIcrowd holds one of the top data science competitions by crowdsourcing data science and artificial intelligence for solving real-life problems.


These data science events help to solve complicated real-life problems with data analysis. There are lucrative prizes according to the accuracy on the all-time leader boards.


It is one of the best platforms to upgrade data skills with data modelling competitions. Data scientists can participate in these informal data science competitions for better learning.


DrivenData is focused on helping mission-driven organizations to leverage different data to make better and more efficient workloads.


It is a popular data science event to help in solving the greatest challenges in a year. It has more than US$60 million in awards for professional & talented data scientists over the years.


Topcoder is known for holding multiple data science competitions such as Marathon Matches with different programming languages such as Python, C++, C#, Java, and many more.


IDAHO is one of the popular data science events at the University of Idaho. It features three different challenges with individual prizes and rewards for the winners.


IronViz is one of the top largest data visualization competitions across the world. The winner of this competition gets to win a US$10,000 grand prize from Tableau Public.



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