Top Universities for Blockchain Degree

This University has come up with a special course about blockchain called Bitcoin Engineering that focuses on studying how to produce Bitcoin-enabled applications. 

Stanford University

Situated in California, this University combines robust academic instructions led by the most influential minds in the blockchain ecosystem.

Blockchain University

New York University, USA has a course that focuses its syllabus on the application of blockchain technology.

New York University

This University has always been in limelight for the fact that it offers free Master-level online course that focuses on the future of money.

University of Cumbria

What’s interesting about this University is that the students here organise crypto meetups and host talks, developer tutorials, workshops, and more.

University of California

This University boasts of being the largest independent university in Cyprus. It offers the first Master of Science degree in Digital Currency.

Cyprus University of Nicosia

Yet another place that offers blockchain courses for technical executives and analysts is B9 Lab Academy. 

B9 Lab Academy

This University has gained wide recognition as being one of the most iconic Universities in the world.

Princeton University

The National University of Singapore is one of the most promising universities as it guarantees a great career for the enrolled candidates.

National University of Singapore

Fordham University is yet another dream place to learn blockchain technology from. Students who enrol for the blockchain degree learn blockchain fundamentals.

Fordham University


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