Top Strategists on Where to Invest Now.

A vicious selloff for global equities over the past few days as the rampant re-spreading of the virus and potential lockdowns have brought back fears of March to investors' animal spirits.

The coming election is also adding a heavy dose of uncertainty into the markets, just as earnings from America's biggest companies roll in.

While those earnings reports are better than expected, investors are not rewarding performance like they used to.

As always, we turn to two top strategists, Katie Koch of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, and Ryan Detrick of LPL Financial for their insights.

"The race for the White House is down to the homestretch, and although presidential candidate Joe Biden is comfortably ahead in the election polls,

Various market and economic-based indicators suggest the election may be much closer than many are expecting.

Various polls show former Vice President Joe Biden comfortably in the lead in the 2020 presidential race, although in some battleground states the race appears to be quickly tightening.

Influential states like Ohio and Pennsylvania may even be a coin toss at this point.

Not surprisingly, approval ratings can play a large part in forecasting the overall percentage of the votes in an election.

Only two presidents have lost reelections since the Great Depression: George H. W. Bush and Jimmy Carter. Not surprisingly, both had low approval ratings leading up to the elections.

If the people don’t approve of the job you’re doing, you may not serve a second term.


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