Top Programming Languages in High Demand

Python is one of the top ten programming languages used at Facebook as a high-level and general-purpose language for web development, machine learning applications, and many more.


Erlang is one of the top coding languages used by Facebook to build massively scalable soft real-time systems on high availability


C++ is a trending language for its object-oriented programming methods. Programmers know that C++ allows easy access to open-source code for commercial applications across the world.


PHP or Hypertext Pre-processor is used by developers at Facebook as one of the popular programming languages. It is embedded in HTML to manage dynamic content, and many more functionalities.


Java is one of the top programming languages being used on Facebook for its constant support for primitive data types without any low-level programming functionalities.


Hack is used by programmers for this largest social networking site because it reconciles the fast development cycle of a dynamically-typed language with multiple additional features.


Dlang or D is a general-purpose programming language with several features such as static typing, systems-level access, as well as C-like syntax.


Haskell is a trending programming language that developers at Facebook use for seamless applications.


XHP is one of the popular coding languages on Facebook as an augmentation of PHP and Hack. Programmers use XHP to enable XML syntax for the purpose of creating custom and reusable HTML elements.


React is one of the top programming languages being used on Facebook to solve complex problems on this social networking site while incorporating ads.



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