Top Open-Source AI Tools to Use in 2022

In recent years, AI tools and frameworks have made the use of AI much friendlier for the IT sector, Explore Now:

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Theano, an open-source Python library for deep learning, is also popular in the neural processing and data science communities.


It is an open-source library developed by Google Brain that is used to deal with complex datasets and execute high-volume numerical computations.


PyTorch is an AI system created by Facebook. Its code is accessible on GitHub and at present has more than 22k stars. It has been picking up a great deal of energy since 2017.


Caffe is a profound learning structure that prioritizes articulation, tempo, and quantifiable consistency. The Berkeley Vision and Learning Center and network contributors fund it.


Many brands like Netflix, Uber, and Yelp, as well as smaller startups, have integrated Keras into their core products and services.

Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit

CNTK can be included in projects as a library in various languages ​​or used as a standalone machine-learning tool through its model description language called BrainScript.


It takes a different approach than the high-level application programming interfaces of libraries like for PyTorch or Keras in TensorFlow.


RNN is the most popular deep learning framework for neural processing and natural language processing. The user community has been extraordinarily active and very helpful.

Amazon SageMaker Neo

The newly released Neo-AI project code will enable AI developers to train machine learning models and run them anywhere in the cloud.

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