Top No Paid Courses to Take Up in 2022.

It is a non-technical course that offers insights into the road map to AI. The course provides in-depth knowledge of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Welcome to AI

This course is part of Google’s plan to broaden the understanding of AI among the general public. 

Learn with Google AI

This course introduces you to the world of Artificial Intelligence along with the introduction to subfields of Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision.

Introduction to AI

AI is set to transform almost every aspect of a business. So this course will teach how AI will impact customers, employees, investors, operations, and product/service offerings.

AI for leaders

This course will help you to understand different aspects of deep learning and models, and their usage by experts in Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and many other.

Applied AI with DL

With this course, MIT takes the approach of using one major real-world aspect of AI as a jumping-off point to explore the specific technologies involved.

MIT DL for self driving cars

This course covers the basics of machine learning using Python, a popular programming language by NPTEL.

Fundamentals of AI

This course also requires the participants to complete several projects to understand the application of AI, build AI-powered solutions, IBM Watson AI services.

IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate

This course can be taken up by probabilistic inference, planning, search, localization, tracking, and control, with a focus on robotics by Georgia Tech Masters on Udacity.

AI for Robotics

With the help of this course, you will get to learn how to design knowledge-based AI agents, build a relationship between knowledge-based AI.

Knowledge Based AI Cognitive Systems


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