Top Most Unusual Cryptocurrencies to Buy


Mooncoin is an altcoin that uses the average distance between the moon and earth as its supply unit parameters.


Although the TrumpCoin website does not directly affiliate itself to Donald Trump, it aligns itself to his agendas and aids in funding various projects, both nationally and worldwide.


PutinCoin is a cryptocurrency that was created to pay tribute to Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation.

Useless Ethereum Token

It is the world’s first 100% authentic Ethereum ICO. It offers its customers no value, which eventually leads to fewer transactions and no gains.


Skincoin is a unique cryptocurrency, designed exclusively for the online gaming community. These tokens can be used to trade game skins, wager bets on gambling and e-sports platforms, and more.


It is another crypto that is supporting the cannabis revolution. Bongger is also a social project that aids humanity in various aspects as a currency, and as a funding asset for the cannabis industry.


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