Top Metaverse YouTube Channels in 2022

Max Maher is a famous influencer who has heaps of knowledge about crypto, NFTs, metaverse, and more such topics.

Max Maher

If you are looking for a good metaverse YouTube channel that pays utmost importance to fundamental analysis, then “The Modern Investor” is the place for you.

The Modern Investor

GaryVee has evolved to become a well-known name as far as YouTube influencers in the metaverse domain are concerned.


JRNY Crypto has become everyone’s go-to YouTube channel when it comes to gaining knowledge about metaverse, altcoins, FinTech, blockchain, etc.

JRNY Crypto

Yet another interesting metaverse YouTube channel where you find numerous insightful tutorials on metaverse is “Giancarlo buys tokens”.

Giancarlo buys tokens

This platform is unique in a manner that the videos are extremely insightful – so much so that even a beginner can make the most of the knowledge gained.

Crypto Face

Brett Malinowski is yet another famous personality when it comes to topics revolving around NFT, metaverse, and cryptocurrencies.

Brett Malinowski

Yet another famous influencer to follow is Benjamin Cowen. He runs one of the most popular metaverse YouTube channels that are worth subscribing to.

Benjamin Cowen

Lu do Magalu has risen to the extent that she is one of those virtual humans with the most visibility in the world.

Lu do Magalu

This is a foremost YouTube metaverse channel for getting valuable insights on new tech trends, knowing ways to leverage them, and earning money.

Learning and Technology with Frank


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