Top Metaverse Indian Startups in 2022

The company raised $1.53 million of seed funding from Mahadao, Nord Finance, and Kangaroo Capital on October 16, 2021


Developed a wealth-building platform intended to bring culture’s biggest icons & iconic IP into the Metaverse through NFTs


The company has built the first tokenization layer that celebrates food in web3, enabling users to access immersive and gamified experiences.


Developed a blockchain technology designed to revolutionize how on-chain identity works for Metaverse and Defi.

Kudo Money

The developer of a metaverse application intended to enable users to interact with different people all around the world.


The operator of a social discovery platform intended to offer communication in blockchain-based social communities.

Wall App

The company raised INR 25 million of pre-seed funding in a deal led by Titan Capital on July 6, 2021.

Doss Games

The developer of a metaverse platform intended to function in virtual lands and spaces.


The developer of a gaming platform designed on an Indian mythology theme.

Atirath Gaming Technology

The operator of an immersive university-like platform intended to create employability via quality education.



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