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Top Marketing Metrics to Track in 2022.

Customer satisfaction

If you had a major in the economy, going back to the basics of the economy in college will surely make you remember the Pareto principle.

Lead generation

Aside from retaining customers, a business always needs to make new clients. Lead generation is crucial for the growth of every company.

Conversion metrics

As we just mentioned, lead generation is essential but leads without conversion means nothing. Depending on the industry, the company, the brand, and the product, conversion numbers may be different.

Return on investment

Your shop is flawless – made by all modern standards, it looks amazingly good, the workers are polite and professional, and the cars you’re selling are from a top brand.

SEO metrics

As we talked about ROI, we should mention that in 2022, one of the best marketing strategies providing the best ROI is Search Engine Optimization.

Social media marketing metrics

Growing on social media means growing your business. People will want to see what you post on social media if you have amazing products and constantly add value to the brand.


They will go online and write a review about it and with it directly affect future engagement rates and generate or repulse potential customers.


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