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Top Kaggle Datasets Every Data Scientist

It is one of the top Kaggle datasets for every data scientist to use in data science projects related to the pandemic.

COVID-19 data from John Hopkins University

This Kaggle dataset offers a structured dataset based on the report materials of KCDC and local governments by analyzing and visualizing sufficient data.

Data science for COVID-19

A data scientist may use landmark recognition technology from Google to predict landmark labels directly from image pixels with large annotated datasets.

Google-Landmarks Dataset

This Kaggle dataset is known for offering sufficient data on the popular cryptocurrency known as Binance Coin with its Binance exchange information.

Binance Coin cryptocurrency data

Kaggle datasets are known for providing recent data and information Ukraine Russia war dataset that can help a data scientist in relevant data science projects.

2022 Ukraine Russia War

COVID-19 pandemic is trending to use in several data science projects, especially for aspiring data scientists.

COVID-19 Open Research Dataset Challenge

Not all data science projects are related to healthcare or other industries. There is a very important sports industry as well.

International football results from 1972 to 2019

This Kaggle dataset offers player statistics, game statistics, game events, and tables for MLS (Major League Soccer).

Major league soccer dataset

This is one of the top Kaggle datasets of the top 1000 movies and tv shows including multiple categories for successful data science projects.

IMDB dataset

This is one of the popular Kaggle datasets to use in data science projects with a comprehensive dataset with a survey.

2018 Kaggle machine learning and data science survey


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