Top GitHub Repositories to Learn Python.

his repository contains algorithms and their implementation for over 35 categories of topics in Python.

The Algorithms

 It is an open-source software library for python widely accepted by python developers. And it consists of a large range of math libraries used in ML and neural networks.


It is an all-in-one Github Repository for Python lovers consisting of python frameworks, software, libraries, and resources.


This repository has a convenient collection of python scripts to cover individual topics in Python like operators, data types, classes, and much more.


It was developed by Jeffrey Hu, his repository has more than 100 Python programming challenges that cater to new developers, intermediate developers.

Python-programming exercises

is a popular platform for Python enthusiasts, this repo is packed with tutorials for various programming languages with a specific focus on being project-oriented.

Project-Based Learning

t’s similar to Learn-python, developed by Jerry Pussinen. This GitHub repo contains resources for learning and teaching beginner to intermediate-level Python 3.


This repo is essentially a book that covers the fundamental topics along with more advanced topics, with a significant emphasis on practical learning.


It is a collection of notebooks instead of a tutorial. It brings Python learners up to speed with Python’s syntax in a short period.


It contains an updated collection of solutions to numerous coding and algorithmic problems that new programmers face while learning data structures and algorithms.

Coding problems


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