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Top Free Online Python Courses in 2022

Here, you will gain knowledge on how to write scripts and functions. Prior Python knowledge isn’t mandatory to pursue this course.

Introduction to Python programming – Udemy

To put it in the best way, this free online python course can help quickly fill in the knowledge gaps between basic and advanced Python coding.

Python from Beginner to Intermediate in 30 min – Udemy

Will you get a basic understanding of Python, different libraries, and third-party modules but will also learn how to solve practical problems using Python

Introduction to Python programming – Udacity

This course from Codecademy lays focus on data analysis and at the same time will help you apply Python programming to visualize and interpret data sets

Analyse data with Python

This free online python course is ideal for beginners who are willing to develop practical skills. This course from Codecademy is free and boasts of a user-friendly platform.

Learn Python 3

Evidently, this is a great Python course for beginners who’d like to grab knowledge about the language with examples and exercises.

Python for Absolute beginners! – Udemy

The course majorly focuses on the basics of how one constructs a program from a series of simple instructions in Python.

Programming for Everybody (Getting started with Python)

This course is available on Coursera and will take you through fundamental programming concepts including data structures.

Python for Everybody Specialization – Coursera

This is one of those interesting courses where you can learn how to build applications that can serve hundreds of thousands of users.

Developing Scalable Apps in Python – Udacity

This is a free online python course by Udemy that will teach you how to create and set up a virtual assistant for your computer.

Learn Python: Build a virtual assistant


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