Top Edge Computing Jobs to Apply in 2022

IoT Architect- Edge Computing (Gateway and Connectivity) at Bosch

The business needs to convert into technical specifications, demonstrate ownership in ensuring technical solutions, as well as create Proofs-of-Concept to show viable solutions.

Software Engineer_Azure Edge Computing at Microsoft

The engineer needs to work on in-depth technical areas to develop growth in the world-class software engineering team every day.

Sr. Solution Architect- Edge Computing at Amazon

The architect needs to promote customer-centric edge solutions while driving innovation across all industries.

Edge Cloud Solution Architect at Intel

The architect needs to manage stakeholders across IOTG, and other teams as an expert in bedrock technologies of virtualization, workload consolidation, and software-defined edge solutions.

Technical Consultant: IoT and Edge Computing at IBM

The consultant is needed to create and deliver solutions in Industry 4.0, solution conceptualization, and for the development of IIoT projects.

Edge Computing Analyst at Koch Business Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

The analyst needs to provide support for Koch’s edge computing platform, manage device state management of the fleet of edge computing devices, and experiment with new technologies.

Edge Computing Application Lead at Accenture

 It is needed to lead the effort to design and build applications while acting as the primary point of contact.

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