Top Deep Reinforcement Learning Courses

Gain state of the art profound support gaining algorithms — from Deep Q-Networks (DQN) to Deep Deterministic Policy Gradients.

Deep Reinforcement Learning

This course introduces you with 2 of the most sought after disciplines in Machine Learning: Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning.

Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning

Comprising 13 lectures, the series covers the basics of support learning and arranging in consecutive choice issues.

Reinforcement Learning Lecture

In this course, you will learn and execute aa new incredibly smart AI model, called the Twin-Delayed DDPG,

Deep Reinforcement Learning 2.0

This course is about the utilization of profound learning and brain organizations to support learning. Explicitly.

Deep Reinforcement Learning in Python

You ought to take this course on the off chance that you have an interest in AI and the longing to draw in with it according to a hypothetical point of view.

Georgia Institute of Technology

In this course, you will make your own profound support learning specialists in your own surroundings.

Practical AI with Python and Reinforcement Learning

This course will set you up to make, train, and calibrate support learning models in the AWS DeepRacer 3D dashing test system.

AWS DeepRacer by AWS

This course begins with some extremely fundamental AI models and advances to the cutting edge ideas.

Tensorflow 2.0: Deep Learning and AI

This is a totally FREE course to get familiar with the basics of cutting edge AI regions, for example, PC vision, support learning, and generative AI.

AWS ML Foundations Course


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