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Top Data Science as a Service Provider.

Unified has managed over $5Billion for social advertising data and brand management for big companies. In short, it acts like an omnichannel platform to help companies.


Altyrix specializes in Analytics Process Automation (APA) company helping companies to fine-tune their data strategies instead of outsourcing them.


OpenText tools basically rely on visualising data by finding a pattern, relationships, and trends in data sets.


Civis analytics specializes in helping companies identify their right audience. With cutting-edge technologies and best-in-class data, companies gain a competitive.

Civis Analytics

Data analysis is continuous and Sumo Logic exactly believes in this. They specialize in providing real-time analytics through cloud-based platforms.

Sumo Logic

Databricks is a leader in Unified Data Analytics helping organizations organize and analyse their data on its Lakehouse Platform.


Numerator’s expertise lies in providing market intelligence with data collected from retail locations, e-commerce sites, and big-box stores.


SAS depends on Statistical Analytics for deriving insights and thereby drawing value from the data their businesses generate.


It is the world’s largest pure-play Big Data analytics and Decision Sciences company. They have worked with more than 140 Fortune 500 companies through an ecosystem that brings people together

Mu Sigma

Cloudera is a cloud-based data analytics company that believes in making data-driven decisions possible. 



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