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Top Cryptocurrency Games in 2022.

This is the newest NFT play-to-earn game, built by a group of four-game enthusiasts who wanted to figure out how to play different levels of Metaverse games.

Battle of Guardians

RaceFi is a comprehensive NFT automobile racing ecosystem in which players may race or own portions of the game and earn.


Rainmaker is a high-skilled cryptocurrency and stock fantasy game program designed to educate and gather all stock/equity/crypto market enthusiasts from all over the world.


With a real money system (POG Coin), Polygonum is a multiplayer survival simulation game where players may purchase and trade in-game objects, etc.


Launched on the Binance Launchpool, Mines of Dalarnia is an action-adventure gaming project that features a unique blockchain-powered real-estate market.

Mines of Dalarnia

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer world-building game that combines the best of both worlds, an engaging experience for regular gamers and an ecosystem for NFT traders and collectors

My Neighbor Alice

Mobox is a cross-platform GameFi metaverse that combines gaming NFTs with DeFi yield farming.


Well-known amongst the crypto community, Axie Infinity is a Pokemon-inspired Play-to-earn game where players battle, raise and trade fantasy creatures called Axies.

Axie Infinity

Illuvium is an upcoming blockchain game in an open-world, RPG setting. Players travel across a fantasy world, defeating and catching creatures known as Illuvials.


The Sandbox is a Play-to-Earn virtual metaverse, where users can own land, play games, or even build their own game.

The Sandbox


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