Top Crypto Gainers in March.

Bitcoin’s market cap jumps 28%

Leading growth by volume is, of course, Bitcoin. BTC’s market cap went from a low of $655 billion on February 23 to $820 billion by February 28. Currently, Bitcoin’s market cap is up at $841 billion.

EverGrow Coin jumps 30% in price as new projects announced

While the only crypto not in the top 20 in this list, EverGrow Coin has shown impressive gains of over 30% throughout the last week. In a few months of launch.

Terra’s LUNA leaps nearly 90% in price

LUNA was the top 20 major crypto posting the biggest price gains in the last week. On Tuesday LUNA was posting up to 90% gains in price over the previous week.

Cosmos up an impressive 17%

Cosmos’s ATOM token is up 17% over the last week, outperforming top cryptos like Cardona, Solana, and BNB. ATOM is the 20th biggest cryptocurrency according to CoinMarketCap.


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