Top Companies Hiring for Metaverse Jobs.

DIS Company is looking for someone to aid the entertainment and media giant’s efforts in the non-fungible token, or NFT space, as the company looks to make some kind of move into the metaverse.


Sneaker and athletic apparel maker Nike is building its metaverse team and hiring for key roles as the latest buzzword in the tech world stirs up talent wars.


The fashion company posted a listing for a meta business coordinator the same month. The business coordinator will work closely with the metaverse business director.

Balenciaga and Gucci

NVIDIA is becoming a popular company developing Metaverse by supporting artists as well as content creators to build virtual worlds and products.


Epic Games is at the forefront of big companies developing Metaverse with a significant wave of development and innovation.

Epic Games

Amazon is a popular tech company developing Metaverse through the recruitment for the Metaverse technology— a senior product manager.


Snapchat is one of the growing Metaverse companies that announced the launch of a new avatar lens showing how a user or player will look in the Metaverse.


Meta is the main company developing Metaverse for users and players to be in the vast network of real-time 3D virtual worlds while maintaining identity and payment history.


Roblox Corporation is focused on building a creator economy Metaverse while offering an open gaming platform to let players create their own digital and interactive worlds.

Roblox Corporation

Decentraland is one of the big companies developing Metaverse as a platform for content producers and enterprises looking for a new artistic medium or any commercial opportunity.



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