Top Companies Building AI Supercomputers

Recently, the company had announced an AI supercomputer that can work across hundreds of languages, develop augmented reality tools, and pave the way towards the metaverse.

Meta Platforms

Hewlett-Packard offers a set of packages within different products and services with a portfolio boosting HPC Cluster solutions, servers, storage, data centre infrastructure, services and support.


It has been over 3 decades now that Fujitsu, a Japanese company, has been building supercomputers. They believe that supercomputing has the potential to solve the world’s most pressing dilemmas


The National University of Defence Technology (NUDT) takes pride in being the owner of six supercomputers with Yinhe-I being the first opened in 1983.


The speciality here is that the systems come in different form factors and can be configured to meet density, flexibility and performance needs.


As known to many, Hitachi has gained wide recognition from everywhere because of its ability to build high performing Artificial intelligence supercomputers.


What cannot go out of mention is the fact that the IBM Power solutions give their AI supercomputers ultra-scale performance and also save on floor-space, power and cooling expenses.


This company has helped scientific and engineering organisations of all types to solve complex computing and analytics challenges.


SGI came in the early 1980s. Of late, this AI company has grabbed eyeballs for providing solutions to several customers around the world via ICE and UV systems.

Silicon Graphics International

PEZY is yet another company that was founded to develop and sell microprocessors, electric devices, systems, and software.



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