Top Best Altcoin to Buy in 2022.

Ethereum is overall the best Altcoin to buy in 2022 and beyond. Ethereum has faced some criticism over the last year or so for its soaring GAS fees and network overload.


The Sandbox is one of the most intriguing projects in the space. For those who are unaware, metaverse basically refers to an immersive 3D environment.

The Sandbox

Filecoin is another altcoin worth buying in 2022. Given the amount of business that is done online in 2022, it is hardly surprising that storage space is now at a premium.


Aave is one of the best altcoins to buy this year. Decentralized Finance–DeFI–has been one of the major developments in the world of blockchain in recent years.


Admittedly, meme coins aren’t to every investor’s taste, but Shiba Inu seems to be establishing itself as a legit DeFi system.

Shiba Inu

Binance Coin is one of the ‘big three’, being an almost permanent fixture in the top tokens by market cap, along with Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Binance Coin

Another altcoin worth watching in 2022 is Solana. It was created back in 2017 but remained in development for several years, only launching properly in 2020. 


Decentraland is a virtual 3D world that allows users to buy plots of land–delivered in the form of NFTs–upon which they can build houses, gardens, and landmarks.


The final project of the best altcoin to buy in 2022 is Ripple XRP. It has arguably one of the best use cases of any other altcoin.



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