Top AI Platforms to Build Applications.

Amazon has an extensive list of services in the Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing industry that can utilize to not only gain better insights into their customers.

Amazon AI Services

Google also has a suite of cloud services revolving around AI.  data storage services, management tools, are some of the best AI platforms that goggle.

Google Cloud AI Platform

it is a python-based numerical computation and machine learning platform that allows developers to build large-scale multi-layered neural networks.

Tensor Flow

Watson Studio provides solutions at all stages of deploying and handling machine learning models by defining project goals, data preparation, choosing the right tools, and etc.

IBM Watson

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based analytics design of machine learning to simplify business ML.

Microsoft Azure

H2O is making businesses aware of the numerous benefits of AI and ML by giving access to healthcare, finance, telecommunications, retail, marketing, pharma services


Infosys Nia platform designed to simplify the AI process for businesses and enterprises. Deeper insights for better analytics and forecast, automation capabilities, and etc.

Infosys Nia

Salesforce Einstein is an innovative integrated AI service that helps Salesforce offer smarter analysis to its customers while automating their workflow.

Salesforce Einstein

Rain Bird might be the right tool for AI-driven decision-making capabilities. It is suitable for businesses that run on financial agencies, fraud protection services, and more.

Rain Bird

Wipro platform that is built to drive efficiency, speed, and experience to cognitive process automation, Natural Language Processing, self-learning, advanced analytics, predictive systems.

Wipro Holmes

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