artificial intelligence

Top 5 Unusual Applications of AI.

A judge in a beauty contest

Artificial intelligence has started judging a beauty contest! The process includes downloading an app and uploading a selfie without any makeup including a beard. 

Food reformulation

Now, foodies can get access to the world’s first AI flavour or a delicious lightly-grilled beef taste as an alternative to plant-based meat.

Creating Hit Songs

AI algorithm can assist in making hit songs among all the existing competitors by searching through all kinds of resources to find the main theme of a song. 

Chef AI

AI is surprising everyone by becoming a chef who can help to create a recipe based on ingredients someone is craving. 


Get ready to have an AI-based robot known as RoboBEER pour beers with precision. It can pour a beer and track the bubble size, beer colour, other attributes with biometric factors. 


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