Top 5 Business Drivers for 2022.

With the emergence of modern Enterprise Applications Platforms (EAPs), composability will extend to the business process level.

This means that enterprises will need a standard operating model and platform for consistent integration, workflow, data analysis, and extensibility.

Business process definition, AI, and intelligence will start to take hold in purchasing decisions.

No two businesses are the same. Users will demand easy and simple ways to define their business interactions in a flexible system.

The (actual) convergence of analytics, intelligence, and user experience will enable successful, real-time decision-making.

Delivering information just in time, instead of in traditional dashboard forms, which look in the rear-view mirror, will be critical in 2022.

“Edge” solutions will be defined and applied differently.

“Core” and “edge” solutions already are connected, for the most part, and edge solutions don’t just refer to devices anymore.

Voice-enabled devices and digital assistants will be critical business tools in remote-work environments.

As the business world continues to transition to remote-work environments, the definition of user experience continues to change.

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