Top 3 Cryptos to Buy in 2022

Logarithmic Finance will help investors and developers find common ground

The LOG Token is currently available on presale here. It is the primary utility token for the Logarithmic Finance ecosystem, a DeFi network and swap protocol that has many exciting features.

Unlike other token swap protocols, Logarithmic Finance will help to connect early-stage innovators with investors,

Who will be able to raise funds quickly through the various liquidity pools available on the LOG site. Investors will be able to farm and earn handsome yields for their contribution.

Algorand and Hivemind acquire Napster

Algorand and Hivemind have announced the acquisition of Napster. Napster is a part of the Rhapsody group that provides digital music and support for streaming technologies.

This will provide new ways for music streaming through the ALGO blockchain and allow it to compete with other networks such as the Near Protocol.

Shiba Inu users can buy land in Metaverse

The SHIB Token can be used to buy land in the Metaverse as per an announcement by the team. This would open a new avenue for the SHIB token and help in its increased adoption.

The Shiba Inu meme cryptocurrency has seen a rapid rise after it announced plans for a Metaverse empire built on a new layer 2 solutions known as Shibarium.

The Shiba Inu Token is being widely used by many payment service providers across the network.

To overcome issues of a massive supply, the currency has also introduced a burn mechanism that will help in achieving a price spike for the SHIB Token.


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