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Top 10 Worthy AI Start-up Ideas in 2022.

There is a rising demand for virtual assistants, thanks to the work-from-home culture. Starting a virtual assistant business is quite easy as it comes with low overhead.

Virtual Assistant Business

IoT business is almost mainstream. From being an addendum to the principal business functionalities, it has emerged as a main driver of growth.

AI powered IoT start-up

Filing tax is the most cumbersome task in countries like India. However, with governments taking steps to include artificial intelligence.

AI based tax return service

There is no dearth of recruitment apps that use AI and most of them are notorious for reducing a candidate profile to a categorical ‘yes’ or ‘no’ option.

Automated recruitment business

Have a passion for going after the digital goons? Then probably developing AI-powered cyber-security apps should be the venture should you look into.

AI powered cyber-security application business

Without any doubt, e-learning is going to be the norm of the day in the education sector.

AI augmented E-learning application business

Subscription based delivery apps have gained quite a popularity with business owners because they overcome the lacunae of other models efficiently.

Subscription based delivery apps

Vulnerability detection is a critical function for preventing code manipulation. Due to limited time and resources.

Vulnerability detection application

Personal shopping assistants basically cuts-out middlemen to provide customers with a personalized and in-store experience, which otherwise comes at a hefty price.

AI personal shopping assistant

Now getting down to some fun but not so funny business of gaming, Poker has grabbed a lot of attention in the artificial intelligence domain.

AI online poker playing business


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