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Top 10 Web 3.0 Startups in 2022.

Arguably India’s biggest cryptocurrency project, Polygon is making great strides in the Web 3.0 domain.


Terra is a decentralized financial infrastructure for payments that offers a price-stable cryptocurrency that can also be used as a means of payment.


Mysterium Network is a Swiss startup that is building a decentralized P2P network. The startup uses nodes to provide secure access to an open and distributed network.

Mysterium Network

DECENTERNET is a Hong Kong-based startup that provides a Web 3.0 browser. Osiris, its net-neutral browser utilizes blockchain technology to deliver a seamless and efficient Web 3.0 .


The company provides an application development platform for building Ethereum products.


The company recently formed a partnership with WazirX to increase Web 3.0 adoption. It aims to simplify transactions for decentralized projects to achieve adoption.


Huddle01’s offerings are focused on reducing latency of connectivity in video conferences, through a decentralized video calling framework.


Brave is a popular web browser known for its fast browsing experience and ad blocker. It is also considered one of the major browsers for Web 3.0.


BitPay is one of the smartest crypto applications where investors can buy, store, swap, and spend cryptocurrencies.


KoineArth is on a mission to create networks, markets, and economies with trusted information and incentives.



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