Top 10 Unusual Applications of AI in Use

With the integration of Artificial Intelligence and a wide array of technological advancements, one can use the power of AI to uncover hidden truths about the Universe.

AI System Exploring Universe

IBM research is collaborated with a German Fragrance House Symrise to introduce AI perfumers in the perfume industry.

AI Perfumers

San Francisco’s Creator uses a combination of AI and robotics for every step of the burger-making process, i.e.

Chef AI

The bee drones come with a GPS to locate a specific location and a High-resolution Camera working similar to the eye of a honeybee.

AI-driven Bee Drones

AI helps in better-removing germs and protecting teeth against bacteria that even stay after regular brushing.

AI Toothbrush

Fashion retailers have turned to AI to make their businesses more efficient, replace photoshoots and predict what people will want to buy and wear in the future.

Fashion Guide

Don’t be surprised to know that the hit song you are enjoying will be written with the help of AI.

AI as Lyrists

Artificial Intelligence can create a video game, music, screenplays, novel and poetry  and the next a movie custom-built to the individual viewer.

AI as a movie maker

Whether you are a firm believer of Astrology, Numerology, or any other similar field, or you don’t really care about the existence of such fields.

Fortune Telling

Beauty AI is the new judge of the beauty contest that will perceive you on how they see you and does not judge on how they feel about you.

Beauty AI

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