Top 10 Robotics Project Ideas In 2022.

An obstacle-avoiding robot is a fully autonomous robot that is able to avoid any obstacle which it faces when it moves.

Obstacle Avoiding Robot

This is one of the important projects among various agriculture projects for engineering students. This project consists of temperature, humidity monitoring & controlling.

GreenHouse Managing Robot

A table is mounted on the frame such that it can be moved front and back with the help of a bearing set up at the four corners of the table.

Automatic Wall Painting Robot

The combat robot can be designed to tackle cruel terror attacks. This robot is radio-operated, self-powered, and has all the controls like a normal car.

Intelligent Combat Robot

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) are robotic submarines that are a part of the emerging field of autonomous and unmanned vehicles.

Autonomous Underwater Robot

The programmable robotic arm finds extensive applications in its use in extreme conditions like space missions or underwater expeditions. 

Robotic Arm

The robot replicates the walking style of a human, particularly walking upright. The robot is built with lightweight Aluminium sheets which act as the structural members.

Biped Walking Robot

The aim of the project is to design a robot system for joining ship sections in the final stage when ship sections are to be assembled together in a dry dock.

Sensor Guided Robotics

Hexapod is a biomimetic, six-legged robot, which emulates insect locomotion. The robot is a fully mobile Hexapod capable of multi-directional walking and self-balancing.


Swarm robotics is an implementation of Swarm intelligence. SI is an artificial intelligence technique based on the study of collective behaviour in decentralized, self-organized systems.

Swarm Robotics


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