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Top 10 Robotics Companies in the World.

Founded in 1990 by three MIT graduates, this company aims at building robots for space exploration and military defense along with consumer robots.


It designs and manufactures advanced robotic system for logistics and supply chain management including warehouse automation and fulfilment centers.


Epson robots boast of their SCARA robots that are second in the list of robots judged on the basis of performance.

Epson Robots

The robots were handled by skilled technicians. And now the company has redefined the market and investment strategy in the field of robotics.

Rethink Robotics

Google repainted the canvas of robotics market when it launched its driverless cars project in 2009 under the name of Wayamo whose parent company is Alphabet Inc.

Alphabet Inc

They ensure high-end professional photography experience. Apart from this, it focuses on drones and unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturing.


Locus Robotics is another company with a warehouse automation specialization. The tagline on their website says “We know a lot about robots we also know a lot about the warehouse.

Locus Robotics

Started off as a mechanical workshop by Friedrich Schunk, the company is known for its clamping technology and gripping systems.


They focus on STEM learning and create tools for problem-solving. STEM points to robotics where it relates to all the aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Vex Robotics

They call themselves the world leader in vendor-independent vehicle automation systems. The company has clients of its automation products from around the world.

Autonomous Solutions

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