Top 10 Programmable Robot Kits for Kids.

A solar power-enabled robot, with 190 building block pieces, has 13 robot options to choose from.

POKONBOY 13-in-1 Robot kit

Very similar to LEGO bricks is a kind of its robotics version.  LEGO creative toolbox is programmable enabling a child to code behaviours into different builds.

LEGO boost creative toolbox

An eco-friendly robot assembling kit, which uses cardboards, paper cups, makes a perfect choice if you want to see your child’s creativity soar high.

Nintendo Labo – variety kit

It is an easy-to-build robot kit for kids which has some cool features to allow your kid to learn advanced engineering skills.

UBTECH JIMU Robot Builderbots Kit

A fully programmable talking robot, makes a perfect choice for a middle schooler, to discover the little Einstein in him as it combines science, technology, etc.

Erector by Meccano Robot – Building Kit

With multiple modes such as infrared, obstacle, or line tracking mode, your child will learn to create, load, and run the car programming.

Eleggo UNO R3 Project – Smart Robot Car kit

Sillibird STEM Solar Robot, is an educational robot that facilitates learning in the process of assembling.

Sillibird STEM 12-in-1 Educational Solar Robot

As the name suggests, it operates on hydraulic power. It is an hydrobot arm, which can rotate 270-degrees, with hydraulic plungers and move, grip, and pick up objects.

Elenco Tech Tech Hydraulic Kit

The kit contains 4 unique robotic kits, to build a variety of robots from cars to motors that you can drive around to the ones that can paint.

2Pepers Electric Robotic Kit

A smart choice for parents who want their kids to develop coding skills from early in childhood.

Wonder workshop dash coding robot


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