Top 10 Penny AI Stocks to Buy in 2022.

Current price: US$0.0141
Market cap: US$68.123 million

AI Technology Solutions, Inc.

Current price: US$2.4600
Market cap: US$223.571 million

Alithya Group, Inc.

Current price: US$5.42
Market cap: US$188.605 million

Lantronix, Inc.

Current price: US$3.9050
Market cap: US$23.802 million

Duos Technologies Group, Inc.

Current price: US$4.6700
Market cap: US$126.924 million

Innodata, Inc.

Current price: US$0.4000
Market cap: US$2.828 million

CooTek, Inc.

Current price: US$0.4495
Market cap: US$47.269 million

Remark Holdings, Inc.

Current price: US$0.5700
Market cap: US$14.504 million

Infobird, Co. Ltd.

Current price: US$0.5102
Market cap: US$13.134 million

Amesite, Inc.

Current price: US$1.13
Market cap: US$285.297 million

Qudian, Inc.


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