Top 10 Open-source Cybersecurity Tools

A network protocol monitoring tool, that can deep inspect hundreds of protocols, even when hundreds of them get added every day.


It is a file monitoring tool, which quickly identifies changes made to a file. Changes to a file system can either stem from regular code release or malicious intervention.


The world’s most used open-source host-based intrusion detection tool, comes with features like rootkit and malware detection, log-based intrusion detection, compliance auditing, etc.


Available in open-source and commercial editions, this identity access management tool is widely used across different industries.


This Network Mapper initially built for Linux has been scaled up for Windows, Unix, MacOS, and other operating systems because of its usefulness.


 Ruby-based open-source pen-test tool, that allows testing via command line alterations or GUI.


Kali Linux is an advanced penetration testing and auditing tool. It contains many features which facilitate pen-testing, security research, computer forensics,

Kali Linux

Developed as an offline password cracking tool for hackers, now it is widely used by enterprises for password auditing.

John the Ripper

Versatile endpoint detection and response tool, apart from providing the basic functionalities of an EDR tool, it can carry out real-time monitoring of workstation filesystems.

Comodo OpenEDR

Kee Pass is an open source tool to save all your passwords securely in one place, which requires just one master key.

Kee Pass


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