Top 10 Most Funded Data Science Startups.


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In 2015, Preksha Kaparwan, Saurabh Moody, and Arjun Sudhanshu started a company to offer distinct experiences by solving real-time issues. They developed a similar product to Google Analytics.

Fractal Analytics

With a worldwide impression bragging about a few Fortune 500 organizations from ventures like retail, insurance, and technology, there is unquestionably no halting for this one.


With trading being uncertain and sensitive to changes all across the world, Heckyl aims to be a global leader in the space of data analytics for worldwide financial markets.


Qubole is trusted by leading brands such as Expedia, Disney, Oracle, and Adobe to spur innovation and to transform their businesses for the era of big data.


The data products can be used to better understand the competition, monitor their brand, optimize offerings for their customers, increase sales, and much more.


The technology used to develop the platform is data-driven and AI-driven which helps in analyzing the customer’s data.


Razorthink has a team of more than 100 professionals who are relentlessly supporting small and big businesses to optimize AI-based customer services, risk management etc.


Keeping the challenges faced by the agrarian business in mind, CropIn started providing solutions that revolve around financial analytics, weather foresight, etc.

3LOQ Labs

3LOQ strengthens money and asset management systems in terms of digital banking services so that the end customers can get streamlined and personalized communication.


Flutura is backed by global Venture Capital firms and strategic partners out of the USA, Singapore, and Japan, and its main offices are located in Houston, Palo Alto, and Bengaluru, India.

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