Top 10 Metaverse Influencers to Follow.

Lu do Magalu was the most followed virtual influencer. She is also the virtual human with the most visibility in the world, making it easy to understand why she would top this list.

Lu do Magalu

The most famous of all virtual influencers is Lil Miquela, who made her debut on Instagram in April 2016 and has millions of followers today.

Lil Miquela

This influencer needs no introduction as those who are familiar with the crypto industry know about this CEO and founder of Binance.

Changpeng Zhao

GaryVee has become a renowned name when it comes to YouTube influencers and is at the forefront of all things metaverse and NFTs.


A Pomp Investments investor, Anthony Pompliano is among the most popular influencers on Twitter. He has made investments in over 100 businesses in their early stages.

Anthony Pompliano

When it comes to altcoins, FinTech, blockchain, and the metaverse, JRNY Crypto is a YouTube channel that many people keep a weather eye on.

JRNY Crypto

Shudu is another famous virtual influencer. She was created as part of the #BalmainArmy of virtual models by Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing and designed by Cameron-James Wilson.


Brett is a prominent figure in the NFT space. Apart from that, this influencer often shares his views on crypto and metaverse projects to invest in.

Brett Malinowsky

Anna Cattish is a Russian animator and illustrator. She is part of the honkfu visual label that creates specialty animation and character-based imagery.

Anna Cattish

Giancarlo posts rich content across social media platforms like YouTube and Twitter and educates people about topics like NFTs, Web3, crypto, and the metaverse.



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