Top 10 Greenest Cryptocurrencies to Buy.

SolarCoin is a decentralized and global cryptocurrency. But it is unlike any other cryptos. SolarCoin has made an enormous difference by being one of the best and most trusted crypto.


This crypto has also fostered a partnership with Climate Trade, an organization dedicated to helping companies improve their sustainability profiles.


BitGreen was created as a response to Bitcoin, considering the environmental impact it has. It is a 100% community-run project and uses an energy-efficient proof-of-work algorithm.


Chia, which was created by Bram Cohen of BitTorrent, can be mined on Amazon Web Services cloud computing platform.


It enables a faster and cost-effective mode of transaction and is considered a strong alternative for transaction applications like PayPal.


The TRON currency, Tronix, is pre-mined and can be traded on Binance and other exchanges, with big plans afoot for TRON’s future, including using it to create decentralized gaming platforms.


IOTA doesn’t rely on a blockchain. Instead, this crypto uses a cryptography-based method of verification called Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG).


Cardano is inherently more energy-efficient than Bitcoin as it uses a consensus mechanism where those participating in the currency buy tokens to join the network.


It is still reliant on a Proof of Work mechanism, but the block-lattice goes beyond blockchain to create an account chain for each user on the network.


According to DEVVIO founders, the DEVVIO network uses one-millionth of the energy usage of Bitcoin and generates far less in terms of greenhouse gasses.



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