Top 10 Experiments with GPT-3

Using the Chat preset within GPT-3 Playground you can ask the current entity about its personality.

Interviewing AI

The AI spontaneously makes suggestions of what the disease could be. GPT-3 got away with an impressive 8 out of 10 correct guesses.

Doctor’s Assistant

This is an obvious exercise from Creative Writing: imagine being somebody and write a love letter from this entity.

Writing Loveletters

The AI keeps storytelling and asking you about your next move. Unfortunately, researchers didn’t make the right choices and it got very dark very quickly.

Dungeons and dragons

In another experiment, let famous persons write letters to each other. Here Jane Austen congratulated Goethe on their Birthday, but it escalated quickly.

Style Imitation as letter exchange

Many tried to use GPT-3 to rephrase sentences using different tones and styles but we got someone who railed down an approach that could improve many lives:

Dealing with Management

Self-attention-driven transformers keep the stylistic coherence, and so can let GPT-3 generate short stories, piece after piece.

Write short stories or fairy tales

An experiment aims to be a ready-for-market product in no time: the email writer. Other side AI wants to perfect, using GPT-3,

Email Literature

This one is great for brainstorming finding two random topics without direct correlation and letting GPT-3 discover connections,

Find non-obvious connections

GPT-3 has no issue understanding how to turn a non-direct message into an intelligible translation for people with high functioning autism.

Beyond translation


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